Alexander Nedbaev



Alexander Nedbaev, partner and producer at Prime Story Pictures, comes from marketing background. He founded a communication agency Checkpoint Group, Ukraine in 2006 where he and his team created countless concepts, videos and projects for such brands as YSL, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, etc. Nedbaiev worked as an artistic director at Nouvelle Vague Factory SaRL Switzerland since 2012 executing brands’ creative conceptualization, screenwriting, ADs production, directing, editing, postproduction. His filmography includes over 50+ TV-spot concepts for mass market products, staple food, banks, charity foundations, professional beauty products, over 20+ reportages, 10+ telecasts of 20 minutes and 4 full length documentaries on Ukrainian events, numerous shorts and over 5 full length feature films.

Key projects:

The Big Circle (2020, Ukraine), Prime Story Pictures (UA) commissioned by MEGOGO. 8-episode documentary series about the round-the-world trip of the Ukrainian traveler Artemy Surin. Position: co-director, post-production producer, supervisor, editing director.

Circle of Life (2018-2019, Ukraine-Switzerland), Prime Story Pictures (UA), Nouvelle Vague Factory (CH). The film received state support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Swiss public broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse in Switzerland. Position: author, director, co-producer.

DZIDZIO First time (2018, Ukraine), Dzidzio Film (UA). Position: post-production producer, supervisor, editing director.

DZIDZIO Contrabass (2017, Ukraine), Solar Media Entertainment (UA) & Dzidzio Film (UA). Position: post-production producer, supervisor, editing director.

Europe’s Getting Better (2017.12, Switzerland, Romania), RTS Broadcaster (CH). A series of 6-minute reports on the EU countries show the most successes. Position: co-director, DoP.
BASF National Agro Show (2017.01-02, Ukraine), The Team Production (UA), 2 See Energy Agency (UA).

Fetish Friday Night (2017.02, Ukraine-Switzerland), The Team Production (UA), RTS Broadcaster, NOUVO Studios, (CH). Documentary film, 6 min. Position: director, co-producer.

Talk To Me (2016, Ukraine), The Team Production (UA). Festival short fiction drama directed by Ekaterina Lesik. Position: producer. (Film selected for 2018 Cannes UA short corner)

Last Sunrise (2016, Poland-Ukraine), The Team Production (UA) & Katerynchuk Production (Poland). A short war drama directed by Alex Katerinchuk. Position: General / Executive Producer. (The film won numerous awards at festivals)

Easy (2015-2016, Italy-Ukraine), Fresh Production (UA), Bartleby (IT) & Pilgrim Films (IT). A full-length feature comedy directed by Andrea Magnani. Position: executive producer / director of the film. (The film has won numerous awards at festivals in Western Europe).