Feature film | 120 Min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Release DateДата випускуДата выхода: 31 May, 2023
  • Participating countries: USA, Ukraine, TBD
  • Director: TBD
  • Locations: Ukraine
  • Budget: $2.5M
  • Genre: Based on real events, Historical war drama, WW2

Movie Story

During his stay in Poltava in the framework of Operation Frantic, Colonel Elliot Roosevelt learns about the history of the underground group “Unconquered Poltavchanka”, which is organised by Lyalya Ubyivovk, a young girl who meets the Second World War and embarks on a journey of confronting the Nazi invaders and defending her city.
1944, Ukraine, Poltava. During Operation Frantic, Colonel Elliot Roosevelt learns the story of a Ukrainian girl, Lyalya Ubyivovk, who organised an underground squad to fight the occupiers at the beginning of the war. His attention is drawn to the very young age of the guerillas. In addition, he meets an eyewitness who recounts the events of the beginning of the war. 1941. Lyalya Ubyivovk, having just graduated from university, meets the Second World War in her parents’ house. City officials are fleeing or going underground. Lyalya refuses to evacuate and creates an underground organisation “Unconquered Poltavchanka” in the city. The activities of the Organisation are noticed by the commandant of the city, who is preparing for the visit of Adolf Hitler. Not having time to eliminate the guerillas, he receives a threat and a last chance from the Führer who has  pecial plans for Poltava. The hard struggle of the underground resistance against the occupiers begins. Lyalya understands that the activities of the Organisation can cost her life,  but she is ready to die for the sake of her Motherland.

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