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The life of an average entrepreneur takes a steep turn when he finds a pair of dice that reverse time for a few minutes. Yesterday’s fool has even more than he could have wished for. Though, his troubles are just starting out, because a mad scientist is looking for the “magic dice” in order to [...]

Runners are a teenage near-criminal subculture that really existed in the city of Kryvy Rih. The “runners” called the gangs of adolescents united in a district gunfire, carrying on constant wars (“run”) with the help of homemade weapons and horrified the whole city. Nothing could stop “running” for many years. Seventeen “runner” Sasha, the leader […]

PRODUCTION COMPANY “PRIME STORY PICTURES” STARTED SHOOTING A DOCUMEN-TARY ABOUT NARROW-GAUGE RAILWAYS IN UKRAINE AND SWITZERLAND ON OC-TOBER 26TH. The main character of the film is Oleh Hudzeliak. He is student-railroader, a young ambitious activist of preservation of narrow-gauge railways of Ukraine. Oleh often travels by narrow-gauge railways and decides to devote his time to [...]

Dmitry, a treasure and adventure hunter, gets to be a part of a team lead by famous archeologist Verzhbitsky and restorer Vera Stashenko. Dmitry has a special gift of seeing hidden artifacts under ground, which helps the scientists find an object they’ve been searching for a long time – prophecy of a pagan magician Ragnabor. […]

PRODUCTION COMPANY “PRIME STORY PICTURES” STARTED THE POST PRODUCTION FOR A 5 EPISODES DOCUMENTARY SERIES “THE BIG CIRCLE” FOR MEGOGO. It’s a breathtaking story about Ukrainian traveller Artemy Surin who decides to accomplish the trip around the globe. It’s all about dream, overcoming obstacles and going through life-changing experiences across 6 continents, 3 oceans, more [...]